Christmas Gift Guide

When it comes to Christmas presents, believe it or not, I always struggle. I want to give people something that I know they are going to use, rather than spend loads of money on things that will just get bundled into the back of the cupboard. I think as we get older, (or we just get wiser) we want to give our loved ones something that they truly love, and will use, that doesn’t break the bank either. A useful gift always make me feel happy, rather than something that just takes up space on the already cluttered shelves. 

I’m going to give you guys my favourite gifts from Elder & Ivy BESPOKE menu, and why I think they would be ideal as the perfect Christmas Gift Box.

I’m going to start on the lower end of the budget. I want to show you that you can bundle up quite a few of our items, to create a really useful gift box to give this Christmas. Considering all our items are sourced from small businesses, there are some amazing bargains that come at such premium quality for the price! Sorry, I just can’t help but shout about it! 

You can create your own BESPOKE gift box for under £20. Just do as I do :) 

christmas gifts under £20

Firstly I have chosen the really gorgeous Rose Lip Balm from Skin & Tonic. I use this for myself all the time as it’s just so good for your lips. It feels and smells so natural, and makes them feel more hydrated almost instantly. It’s a definite winter essential.

Secondly I have chosen this A5 Nikki Strange Notebook. We have this in two prints, Fleur Botanique and Paradise Palms, these will equally transport you to a hot, sunny country with a Mojito in hand. I love this notebook, mainly because I’m a self confessed stationary addict, but the quality is amazing. The paper feels wonderful, and it's printed with vegetable inks, making it more sustainable. These are designed and printed in the UK.

The heavenly scented Bath Tea Bag is not only a bargain, but it smells beyond amazing, as do all the other fragrances we stock. Wild Olive is a local company to me, and I have always shopped from their amazing collection of Bath and Skincare luxuries. These ‘tea bags’ are a great, no mess box filler. You even have just enough budget for 2 if you want! 

Who can resist the fresh smell of Lavender? It automatically whisks you away to a luxury spa in the Provence. I love these candles because they are also from a local business, and the essential oils for these Somerset Lavender candles come from her parents lavender farm, which makes me feel like I’m supporting two businesses by having them in my boxes. They are made with vegetable wax, so they burn really cleanly, and the scent is so relaxing and fragrant. 

Elder & Ivy Christmas Gift boxes

Secondly I’m going to show you how to create a box for under £30, which is still a great price when you consider the quality of goods that these Independent Small Businesses are creating! 

Skin & Tonic’s Calm Balm is my ultimate favourite, I’ve shouted about it on my Instagram page quite a few times. In fact, I’m a huge fan of all of their products that I’ve tested. This little balm is all natural, and has the most glorious scent, alluring you off to relaxation when you most need it. I use it before bed, and sometimes after a long bath. 

Plum & Ashby, like all our stockists, are a British business, and this gorgeous, smooth Wild Fig & Saffron hand cream is made in Britain! Yay! It’s perfect for those dry winter hands for keeping them hydrated, smooth and supple, and most importantly, it's non-greasy.

The freshly scented Lavender & Green White Jasmine Candle is a wonderful fragrance to add to any home. These are from a small local business just nearby, and she stocks a fabulous range of all things lavender, fragrance, skincare and homeware. I feel very lucky that I have her shop on my doorstep. 

This little combination comes in at £27, why, you could even throw in a bath tea bag to bring it up to £29!  

Elder & Ivy Christmas Gift Boxes for under £30

OK, so now I’m going a little larger budget and heading for the under £50 mark. Still a great main present for a loved one or a friend, and you know its going to have some amazing goodies packed right in there. 

Firstly I’ve chosen this Fawn & Rose hammered bar, sterling silver necklace. These are hand made by the wonderful Jess, who owns Fawn & Rose. What a talented lady? The textured bar makes for an almost sparkled effect I always think, and adds a great texture to a really versatile piece of jewellery. 

Jess also hand makes these truly beautiful Concrete Jewellery Dishes. Deep navy paired with flecks of gold is a winner in my eyes. These are super versatile and useful to tidy up all those trinkets and jewels you have hanging around, in a really stylish way of course!  

Tom Lane bed socks are another amazing purchase. These are made in Britain, and are made from 90% Alpaca wool, which is super soft, luxurious and warm on your toes. These are perfect for those cosy winter nights in, snuggled on the sofa in your PJ’s, or if you are a ‘bed sock’ person (you know what I mean) then these are for you for sure! 

Elder & Ivy Gift Boxes under £50

These little premium gifts come it at £48 for a BESPOKE box selection. But don’t worry, if you’re having trouble trying to decide on just want you want, take a look at the lovely pre-curated giftboxes on our SHOP THE BOXES option. If you’re really struggling, feel free to get in touch and I’d love to help! 

Mel x