The Language of Flowers

When I was organising my wedding, a lovely friend sent a present to my workplace; a little brown parcel with a sprig of lavender in the ribbon. I opened it up, very excitedly as this never happens, and inside was a book.  A book called The Language of Flowers.

The Language of Flowers Elder & Ivy

Once I had opened it, I almost instantly fell in love. Hand drawn little illustrations of garden flowers heading a few pages of Victorian meanings, along with a poem or phrase which related to the flowers individually. Towards the back was a selection of occasions in which you could create a fitting bouquet, not just a bouquet of flowers, but a bouquet with a depth of meaning and thought that had gone into it. A new baby, a marriage, a funeral, to name just a few are featured amongst its pages.

The Language of Flowers Elder & Ivy. Special Occasions Flowers.

My ultimate favourite from this book is the Red Tulip - a declaration of love. Underrated compared to the majestic rose which is first and foremost associated with love, the little tulip holds more meaning in my heart than most flowers. My (now) husband sent me bunches of red tulips coming up to our wedding, with anonymous little poems about flowers hinting of love.

My heart is smit with love so strong,
I must declare, but have no tongue,
Come to my aid, thou tulip red,
Go and declare my love instead.
Calligraphy The Language of Flowers. My heart is smit with love so strong. Elder & Ivy

Tulips played a key part in my wedding flowers too, the beautiful displays by the talented Frances & Rose, which stole the show and tied the whole day into a typical English country wedding.

Frances & Rose Florist Wedding Flowers

Vibrant pink, moody deep purple, spring yellow and burnt orange tulips sat amongst a selection of British grown seasonal flowers. A whole personality of meanings came with all these colourful tulips! Yellow - sunshine in your smile, hope, and cheer; pink - happiness and confidence; purple - perfect love and royalty; red - declaration of love. Portraying a heartfelt and meaningful message with these hand-picked flowers, made the display all the more magnificent and made sunshine beam out of my heart.

I feel like from this moment, my love affair with flowers truly began.